Our Bakery

Our bakery is small – not terribly pretty or with roses round the door but with jolly nice neighbours. We are a happy bunch of real people and we produce real food using real ingredients using the same methods as you would at home – we just use a bigger bowl. We make everything we sell from scratch from our cakes to our icing to our pastry and we even have the muscles to prove it.

Our Bakery

Our Story

Lavender Blue started life 12 years ago in the wee small hours of the morning after a very late supper with friends. In the cold light of day making cakes didn’t seem like such a bad idea and as with many small food producers we started baking from home. Ten years ago we arrived in Gillingham and have been happily baking there since.

Our Philosophy

In simple terms we believe that ‘you’re only as good as your last mouthful’ – so that last mouthful had better be good! This means we make delicious food that we believe in and which we happily eat ourselves.

Our Awards

Never ones to make a drama out of things we should just mention in a quietly understated British way that we have been extremely fortunate to receive several awards over the years both nationally and regionally. It’s not something that we at shout about but it gives us a nice warm fuzzy glow!

Our Customers

Our Customers love good food and they love our cakes! We supply independent, like-minded souls in the South-West – village shops, farm shops, coffee shops and tea rooms. We are also extremely proud to supply a small range of fruitcakes to Fortnum and Mason.

Our Suppliers

We are lucky to have some amazing producers on our doorstep and we source our ingredients locally where we can and have done from the beginning before it became fashionable to do so.

Our Ingredients

In a nutshell we don’t go for the cheapest options and we don’t use packet mixes. We use big bags of flour and sugar and we use small blocks of butter. We crack proper eggs, we peel onions, we chop apples and we grate real lemons for flavour.